Thursday, August 25, 2005

You're Not Right for Our Band, INXS

I reckon INXS knew who they wanted to go and who they wanted to stay before the performances even started, and gave Ty, Deanna and Marty songs that they could either be garunteed not to stink up, or songs that would cause them to fail, no matter what.

"What You Need" + Ty = what you would expect

"Don't Change" consists of, say, 5 notes, all of which fall into Marty's range. So he did well.

"Elegantly Wasted" moves from the super-low to mid-range, and Deanna, when confronted with low notes, falls into a grunt instead of singing actual notes. So she stunk it up even more then usual. I think she knew she was the one who was going to get the boot with the Farris (who can really tell the hairy brothers apart at this stage in the game? I can't) asked her if she thought she liked singing INXS songs. Especially since you could tell from his inflection that he? He didn't like her singing INXS songs.

Also, apparently, the band is now called "Our band, INXS".

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