Monday, August 22, 2005

I am Stubborn. Like Mule!

I have so much crap to cart to work with me tomorrow, it's amazing. AMAZING, I TELL YOU. Tomorrow, I bring with me the following:

  • The usual mountain of food. Hi, I eat all the time. Fuel for my crazy-fast running engine!
  • My lady-like bag filled with lady-like crap.
  • The Action Hero! commission series.
  • Presents a-plenty for my soon to be going-back-to-grad-school co-op student.

Thing is, I hate having to make multiple trips, so you know I'm going to attempt to carry everything out of my house, to my car, and then into the office in one swoop.

Thank God I am strong. Like Godzilla.

In Sean Combs news, "I wear white because I'm a child of God."


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