Saturday, August 06, 2005

Bananas are Best Kept Cold

All fruit, really. Trust me on this. There's nothing finer then waking up in the morning, padding on down to the kitchen, and biting into a through-and-through cold banana grabbed straight out of the fridge.

Damn straight.

A peanut butter angst update: Peanut butter was shipped from Minnesota on July 26. It left Chicago on July 27. It arrived in Mississauga yesterday. IT WILL BE AT MY HOME ON MONDAY.

It is killing me, just a little, that it's 20 minutes down the road and I can't go and pick it up.

PS: My midget monkey feet are in much need of a pedicure. I have never had one before, though I am determined to get someone who is not me to get rid of the calousy grossness toute-suite.


my name is kate said...

A number of people (and monkeys without refridgeration) miss out on this wonderful enhancement to fruit enjoyment.

I do find that bananas age faster in the fridge .. but I can cope with that.

Cheers .. qate


Melissa said...


Here is the secret of fridge bananas: the skins get weirdly brown, but the insides? THEY LAST LONGER.

I swear to Monkey, they do.

Also, lady, play update is required!