Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Monkey Caboose

I may have just requested that my friend's husband hold up a sign with the words MONKEY CABOOSE on it when he comes to pick me up at the Chicago airport when I embark on my Labour Day weekend vacation. Whoops?

Gah, I am an old, old person. Either that, or easily bored by unfunny sitcoms. While waiting for Rockstar: INXS to start last night, I fell asleep during the last five minutes of its lead-in show, "Two and a Half Men". And when I woke up from my wee nap, there were only 5 minutes left to the wonder that is the in-the-house recap episode. Well, at least I saw INXS saying, under their collective breaths, that the sing-along at the restuarant table led by Ty, Mig and Jessica was corny. And the aghast and horrified faces of the contestants when they were assigned songs by the band. But still, what did I miss? How will I survive, waiting for the reshowing on Sunday on Prime?

PS: Marty, many a band has done a rock version of "Hit Me Baby, One More Time". You're not the first, and dude, you sure as hell won't be the last.

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