Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Attack of the Flat Irons!

Suzie, Deanna and Jessica were attacked by a flat iron. And now they, with their suppa-straight locks, must battle it out on stage.

My hair is straighter then yours, BITCH!

And so it starts. Suzie and "By My Side". Cat in heat. But the hair has been flipped and REMAINS STRAIGHT, even when she falls to her knees on stage.

Oh, snap! Jessica is performing "Mystify", one of my favourite INXS songs. She's making me hate it. Possibly because she's singing it from the back of her throat through her nose. And, lady, this song is all about sex. Thankfully, you're not bringing it, but, well, you need to bring it.

A boy who stalked me in highschool sent me a mixed tape that featured Never Tear Us Apart on it. Deanna is now giving me flashbacks. Also, why does she think she's Janis Joplin?

A Farris is being very emphatic that they have to protect the future of their band. Apparently, the only way of doing so is to send Jessica home. Instead of, oh, not looking for a singer through a glorified game show?

Okay then.

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