Tuesday, August 30, 2005

It's Tuesday Morning. That Must Mean...

It's Rockstar: INXS in the Mansion recap day!

The Rockstar contestants are sad. And crying. And they sit around, listening to a song that Mig and the recently booted Deanna wrote and recorded on what I can only assume was a boombox stored in a metal garbage can. But, you know what? Goddamn if it isn't a really lovely song. It makes me wonder why she didn't go with that sucker when it came for her original song performance. And then I see everyone all teary-eyed, and I wonder if they're paying crocidiles a licensing fee for those tears.

The in-house challenge this week involved learning a new INXS song that will appear on the forthcoming marketing effort that the winner will sing on. JD? JD, for all his "I'm SUPERFAN and a PERFECTIONIST" decides to not learn the song. When it's his turn to go into the studio to record a version of the song with the band, he can't get through a single take without screwing up. I start to wonder if he's an evil genius and this is just part of his plan to blow everyone away with his PERFECTIONISM and SUPERFANDOM onstage this week. Then I remember that he's just an asshat.

Suzie surprises me with how good she sounds in-studio. I think she surprised the band as well. Jordis tries to give the song her own spin and is shut down. "I like the way it was written better. Do that" she is told. Bwaaaaa. Marty does his typical "impassioned" screaming and is forced to tone it down. When he does, you realize that sometimes, just sometimes, he can actually sing. Ty sounds like Ty. He is beginning to bore me. Mig's rendition is absolutely lovely and when he sings, he sounds empathetic and achy and passionate. I still think the monkey has it in the bag.

Crazy iconic Hits of the 60's, 70's and 80's! songs are on tap for performance this week. Suzie and Mig had it out over Bohemian Rhapsody, which Mig gave to Suzie because he said he realized that performing the song would only showcase his already proven theatrical side, which could be detrimental in the judging. I also think he knows just how hard a song it is to sing and perform. Suzie's got herself in for a hard, hard time tonight.

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