Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Peanut Butter Diaries: Part Three of Three

What is the monkey doing, you may very well be asking. Why, the monkey is napping, contentedly, tastebuds tamed and belly full of banana-y peanut butter goodness.

That's right, children, we tried out the Jungle Banana peanut butter this morning.

The Jungle Banada Peanut Butter Ratings (out of 5)

Expectation: 3
Fear: 4
Post-spooful Satisfaction: 4.5

We have a winner! Opening the jar, I was confronted with what looked to be ordinary peanut butter. Upon first meeting my tastebuds, I was tasting what seemed to be ordinary peanut butter, but, wait, what's that? A delicate, just strong enough banana-y flavour? Why, yes, yes indeed! And yet, I still taste peanut butter? Why, yes, yes I do!

Oh, my.

The monkey, she is tamed.

Rockstar: INXS highlights - Elimination episode

. Jessica stunk it up and forgot lyrics. She's given up, and it's even more sad then when she was actually trying.

. Brandon ASSED it up, and forgot even MORE lyrics, and then "mock" yelled at INXS for making him sing a too difficult song. Hi, that's the job?

. Suzie was capable. And boring.

. Although, thankfully, Brandon got the boot, I wish they had sent Jessica on home with him, though, knowing that they are contractually obligated to a certain number of episodes, I don't reckon a double elimiation will be happening again this season.

. I have a theory that JD is one of those new fangled models of the Terminator. He will never be destroyed! I am just hoping for a blindingly loud and delightful explosion when he finally does go down, in flames, with body parts scattered all about.

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