Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Indeed, It Is

Oh, monkey, how I love you. Do you love me too? Shall we run into the jungle and eat bananas together?

I must tell you, little monkey, that I cannot wait until my Jungle Banana peanut butter from PB Loco arrives. You must promise me, however, that you won't grab the jar, grasp it tightly to your chest, and run away into the trees with it. Because I bought it for me too, you know.

Mojo, I will pray for you if you pray for me.


Melissa. said...

Did you watch that special on Feral Children on TLC last night? There was a part in it with a wee baby monkey that made me weep. It was like TLC ripped my beating heart out of my chest and broke it, just so I could see what heartbreak really looked like. Poor sad baby monkey. Scientists are evil.

Melissa said...

Unfortunately, I forgot it was on and only caught the last 10 minutes, in mess of sporadic channel flipping. I now currently believe that Mig is a feral child raised by dogs that currently lives in the pantry of Hell's Kitchen.