Tuesday, August 23, 2005

There's No Crying in Rock 'n' Roll!

Rockstar: INXS In the Mansion Recap

Oh, the happenings in Rockstar Colon INXS. And although I sometimes think that watching this show really is like witnessing a Rockstar Colonoscopy, I WON'T EVER MISS AN EPISODE. Because I am masochistic like that.

On with the circus freaks!

  • Mig's wife paid him a visit. Adorable.
  • Suzie screwed herself. Because, apparently, she thought she could control the luck of a draw names out of a hat method of choosing who would perform original songs on tonight's show instead of using logic and charm to get her way.
  • Suzie cries because she screwed herself and attempts to manipulate Mig and Deanna into trading their spot to perform an original song for her classic rock number.
  • Mig decided to actually make himself a priority in the competition after Suzie screwed herself. Thank fucking God.
  • JD continues to ass it up.
  • Deanna reveals herself to be not only unable to write a song, but also discloses, if only be appearance, that she is a close blood relative of Skeltor.

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