Friday, August 12, 2005

The Art of the Crush

I've been thinking a lot about art this week. It started with a question on a message board about artists that we've been crushing on recently, and turned into starting work on my own commission for a piece. Which is awesome.

But first, the crush-worthy. Other then the old stand-bys, I am currently loving work that has an animated, illustrated look to it. Enter Tara McPherson. McPherson's work first came to my attention when an old friend's band, The Weekend, got all crazy with their latest album's cover art and contracted lovely Tara to do the work. During a visit to her website, I realized that I had seen Tara's work before in a number of kick ass rockshow posters for bands like Built to Spill and Sleater-Kinney.

Looking around for places to purchase prints to cover my walls with, I came across the Misery Children, a series of oil paintings by Kathy Olivas, and I fell for it all, head over heals. Creepy kids in animal costumes - doesn't get any better then this.

On that thread that I mentioned above, I was introduced to the work of Ray Caesar. So atmospheric and other-wordly and lovely and freakish.

Anyway, I start my second commissioned piece this weekend. Am considering putting the cash towards an original piece by one of the afformentioned art crushes above.

Or, you know, clothes.

Anyway. I'm sure you've noticed that none of the above artists have really done a study involving monkeys. Any suggestions for a new monkey artist that I can pine about?


molly said...

I don't know if you remember emma from the old Jane boards, but she and her husband are all about the monkeys, in art and decor and pretty much every other aspect of their lives. I'm sure she'd have monkey artist ideas; let me know if you want her email address.

P.S. This is coolia, and you are welcome to stalk my [boring] blog at

Melissa said...

Molly, I'd love that! I'll PM you on the boards with my email address.

PS: You blog isn't boring - reading about people's days, yours included, is fascinating. My blog, on the other hand, is a representation of the trash can section of my head. And that can never be a good thing.