Sunday, April 27, 2008

Flat Columbus, Guitar Straps, Gore (Al), and Pottery Pictures

Ah, Flat Columbus. So Columbus? She is flat. Very, very flat. I never really noticed until I started cycling it's streets.

This morning, my friend Andrea and I went out. It's nice to ride with someone else. Anyway, we went at a fairly easy pace and managed to lay down 33 km / 21 miles in 1.5 hours. It was excellently sunny, though chilly enough for me to require a t-shirt under a long sleeve shirt under a jacket. Because I am a pansy. Cycling up North High, we saw a few excellent things, including Just Pies (which will need a sit down and eat visit), and the revelation that Columbus demands flags - or so two flag stores (including The Flag Lady!) located within two blocks from each other led met to believe.


Help me choose a guitar strap, please.

Blue/Green seatbelt:

Black with White Polar Bears seatbelt:

Black with Red Stars
fabric and seatbelt, like this but, ah, black with red stars:


Next Sunday, my friend Julie and I are going out to see the lovely Al Gore speak. As much as many of us wish that things had fallen differently in the US federal election o' 2000, I can't help but think that Gore has become a much more powerful figure of change then he would have been underneath the constraints of a federal government. As an aside, I will probably be forced to tell the Internet as a series of tubes joke that day. Sorry.


I promised to post pictures of fired ceramics, didn't I? Never say I don't follow through.

Here is my favourite, though I do admit, it is in poor taste.

And the rest:

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Whoops, I Bought a Guitar

I held out, guitar-less, for a good six years.

I caved this afternoon.

My fingers hurt. And, goddamn, I have forgotten so much that I knew.

Being a smart lass, and knowing that I probably won't ever play out (unless, of course, you all want to start a band with me), I went with a super-hot looking, so not expensive Epiphone SG Special. I'll never get able to get away from the Gibson family, I reckon.

Look at my new sweet baby.

I tried acoustics before being led to the wall of electrics, and having her placed in my hands. The acoustics were too large to cuddle. And this one makes me want to hold on for dear life.

PS: If you're interested, my old guitar was a 1986 Gibson Les Paul Jr in Heritage Cherry.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pottery, New Pornographers & Thomas Keller Oreos

Tomorrow is my final pottery class. And though it was fun, I am glad - class after work makes for a long, long day. Anyway, last week I glazed the shit out of my pieces (including a cute mound of coiled poo), and I'm hoping that those suckers will be all a-fired and photo ready tomorrow night!

Is it sad or awesome that my first rockshow in Columbus (a) took so long to happen, and (b) was by a band that started kicking it out in Vancouver? Oh, New Pornographers, you were much fun, though I did wish, strong and hard, that your sound guy would have done something to actually make you sound as excellent as you are in that room.

This morning, I made Thomas Keller Oreos. Cocoa wafers sandwiching white chocolate and heavy cream centres. Freaking. Awesome. Here. tale a look:

Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Week In Pictures

Driving down N High St on Wednesday. "Avoid Hell Repent Trust Jesus Today". Indeed.

A new original piece by Terribly Odd to add to my collection of creepy kid artwork. "Poor sweet Dorothy Sutton, who's eyes were scratched out and replaced with buttons."

Made these Raw Vegan Brownies, and will be bringing them in to work tomorrow. I think they taste more like Tootsie Rolls, while my friend Venessa thinks they're similar to Li'l Debbie brownies.

And I just got back from the 2nd match of the season for the Ohio Roller Girls with Venessa, Andrea and Suzanne.