Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Week In Pictures

Driving down N High St on Wednesday. "Avoid Hell Repent Trust Jesus Today". Indeed.

A new original piece by Terribly Odd to add to my collection of creepy kid artwork. "Poor sweet Dorothy Sutton, who's eyes were scratched out and replaced with buttons."

Made these Raw Vegan Brownies, and will be bringing them in to work tomorrow. I think they taste more like Tootsie Rolls, while my friend Venessa thinks they're similar to Li'l Debbie brownies.

And I just got back from the 2nd match of the season for the Ohio Roller Girls with Venessa, Andrea and Suzanne.


Andrea said...

I forgot you took a pic of the pit-smeller..

Melissa said...

Don't act like you've never done it!