Sunday, April 20, 2008

Whoops, I Bought a Guitar

I held out, guitar-less, for a good six years.

I caved this afternoon.

My fingers hurt. And, goddamn, I have forgotten so much that I knew.

Being a smart lass, and knowing that I probably won't ever play out (unless, of course, you all want to start a band with me), I went with a super-hot looking, so not expensive Epiphone SG Special. I'll never get able to get away from the Gibson family, I reckon.

Look at my new sweet baby.

I tried acoustics before being led to the wall of electrics, and having her placed in my hands. The acoustics were too large to cuddle. And this one makes me want to hold on for dear life.

PS: If you're interested, my old guitar was a 1986 Gibson Les Paul Jr in Heritage Cherry.


bigninja said...


It reminds me how silly I must look rocking out with my little plastic Guitar Hero Les Paul. Oh well. Let me know when you have your first show or if you need a vocalist for your band. :D

Rio said...

Why would you want to leave the gibson family anyways ? And yeah, she's beautiful.

Melissa said...

Thanks, Rio, and welcome!

I do love her so.