Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pottery, New Pornographers & Thomas Keller Oreos

Tomorrow is my final pottery class. And though it was fun, I am glad - class after work makes for a long, long day. Anyway, last week I glazed the shit out of my pieces (including a cute mound of coiled poo), and I'm hoping that those suckers will be all a-fired and photo ready tomorrow night!

Is it sad or awesome that my first rockshow in Columbus (a) took so long to happen, and (b) was by a band that started kicking it out in Vancouver? Oh, New Pornographers, you were much fun, though I did wish, strong and hard, that your sound guy would have done something to actually make you sound as excellent as you are in that room.

This morning, I made Thomas Keller Oreos. Cocoa wafers sandwiching white chocolate and heavy cream centres. Freaking. Awesome. Here. tale a look:

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