Thursday, September 29, 2005

When Decorating Becomes a Disease

I have a kickass aubergine purple kitchen. All of the cupboards and major appliances are white. Because the purple wasn't crazy enough, I decided to accessorize in shades of blue and apple green. And I get a little crazy when I come across things in those colours because, seriously, for a kitchen, they're damn hard to come by unless you make them yourself (hi, spray painted range hood!)

A couple of days ago, I went into a Home Outfitters near my office, and I was filled with delight and longing. Why? BECAUSE OF THE APPLE GREEN AND ROBIN'S EGG BLUE!

I managed to leave the store purchasing only a couple of apple green cutting boards and an apple green trash can:

I might have cried a little because I left the following behind:

I only use toaster ovens!

I don't like milkshakes!

I have a food processor, so why would I need a blender?

Okay, I could use a stand mixer. Christmas is coming?


joolz said...

I LOVE THAT TRASH CAN. It would match my bathroom, I'm just saying.

Melissa said...

Well, then, lady - I feel like you need to go and get one for yourself then! Seriously, it was only $20. $20 for love - it's worth it. You know it is. Bonus: we can be trashcan twins!

joolz said...

Best. Bonus. Ever.

I will head out to the Richmond tomorrow and then send pictures. Nerds, what?