Monday, September 19, 2005

Starting Over, What Is It That You're Doing?

You give me Allison on the way to a full hysterectomy, and then you bait and switch with four couples who's main issue is that they refuse to speak to each other about what they're thinking and feeling? You're a cruel, cruel mistress, you are. Especially when you taunt with what looks to be bath tub life coaching tomorrow?

Trainwreck, you are unavoidable. And you draw me, like a moth to a wool sweater on fire. Also, that shot of Iyanla with a single tear slowly making its way down her cheek in the opening credits? Fucking brilliant.

PS: Where is Dr Stan? I like to think that these episodes were taped during the Jackson trial, and lovely yet creepy Dr Stan is currently on the stand. Testifying, as it is.

I recieved an awesome Amazon order in the mail today. Amoungst it was the Smoosh CD "She Like Electric" (I do!) and a book of photographs by Loretta Lux. Awesomely talented kids making excellent indie rock, and hauntingly beautiful images of creepy children.

Hi, I only like kids when they astound or instill horror. And when they're no where near me in real life.

Anyway, the Lux book will result in cheap art for my walls. I have plans to frame and hang the following images:


Roro said...

I was going to comment on Iyanla's weird clown outfit today as well, but now I'm too creeped out by the Lux children.

I THINK Starting Over is going back to chicks later in the season, but the first 6 weeks are straight, mostly white couples being "coached" within an inch of their lives. I haven't seen so many dudes crying since the Sox won the pennant.

Melissa said...

I am carrying the Lux children in my bag RIGHT NOW. I hope they're not too uncomfortable, and won't wreak havoc when I let them out.

I kept trying to see how Iyanla and Rhonda arrived at the house. I have suspicions that it was in a minature clown car, and that the rest of the passengars stood at the curb, smoking, while they waited for the boot camp sessions to end.

I am hopeful that it's only 2 weeks of couples that should be divorced. But then, I am always hopeful about something.