Monday, September 19, 2005

Fast and Furious - In a Rapid and Even More Rapid Way

Just so we're clear. 'Cause Paul Walker? Kind of gross.

I made my own PB Loco Jungle Banana style peanut butter this weekend. Here's the easy recipe: 3 teaspoons of imitation banana extract for every cup of peanut butter. The end. I resisted using real bananas because I fear the rancidity. So does the monkey. The verdict? The monkey loves. Although it's a great dupe of the PB Loco stuff, I reckon I'll try to experiment with adding a spice or two next time. Perhaps nutmeg?

I sent a friend of my mom's to the Green Zebra while she was in Chicago last week. Apparently, she too now thinks that they make the BEST FOOD EVER CREATED. That's mad-awesome in my books.

I have been watching so much TV, I can't even tell you. And it's just going to get crazier. Today? Today is a day that I've been waiting for all summer. The return of Starting Over! The return of Arrested Development! Holy crap.

Right. Enough for now. The end.


Roro said...

Oh my god! Starting Over starts today?? Screw the gym! AND the laundry!! HA ha!!

Uh . . . my girlfriend reads your blog, doesn't she?

my name is kate said...

Oh, yes .. she does indeed read this blog. How's that grant app going? And the online drivers test? And the app to Lunchbox? And the play writing for Hysteria?

Just curious ...

Melissa said...

People! Let's get back to talking about MY day, okay?

Freaking girlfriends.

Roro said...

Well, I'm sorry to learn that you don't feel your blog is an appropriate forum for our bickering. Clearly, we'll have to take it elsewhere.

Speaking of bickering, I'll be delighted to hear your take on the new Starting Over: Couples!! Oh Melissa - good times, good times . . .