Monday, September 12, 2005

Online Shopping? No! Birthday in my Mailbox!

It really is, you know. Which is why, I reckon, I love it so.

I recieved perfume samples that I had ordered last week today, and I've spent a good part of the evening trying them on, letting them move through their scent levels and interact with my skin, and washing them on to try another sample.

Samples! Seriously, how mad-awesome is that? More then I could ever tell you unless you try it yourself. I ordered the samples that I recieved from a place in Hoboken, NJ called The Body Perfumery. In addition to the florals and citrus and woodsy scents that you'd expect from a perfume oil company, they also knock off some well known scents, and, loveliness-lovely, offer baked-goods and candy scented products as well. Chocolate de Belgique? Come to me.

I'm hoping that my raw food cookbooks, Raw Food / Real World (Kenny / Melngailis / Karetnick) and Raw (Charlie Trotter). The thought of raw food cooking is currently obsessing me. Why? Dunno. But I can't wait for these suckers to be mine.

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