Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Behavioral Interview

On Rockstar: INXS, that is.

Sidenote: How the hell do you sub-title a titled work with a freaking colon in it? Seriously, how silly does Rockstar: INXS - The Behavioural Interview look? It makes me feel like I should just be using punctuation marks and no words at all anymore.


Right, on with the breakdown.

Erm, not much happened? JD's mom and sister showed up as his prize for winning the encore. JD then waxed poetic over his hard, hard childhood. And I snorted.

INXS then held one-on-one interviews with each contestant, and asked them the hard questions. Except the questions? They were couched in the nicest terms imaginable. Anyway, here's a list of the bands' Yays and Boos for each quote rocker unquote.

YAY: he's the "dangerous" one, hence, shades of Michael. Pale, pale, almost invisible shades of Michael, but whatever.
BOO: he's a fake-ass asshat.
NOTE: They've asked JD to perform his co-written number, "Pretty Vegas", on tonight's show. JD might be an ass, but he really knows how to play these old men. "My ORIGINAL song will be the one that INXS asked us to write lyrics to! How can they not love it?" Answer: They can't. Not love it, I mean. Because IT'S THEIR SONG ALREADY.

YAY: energy and drive
BOO: too opinionated
NOTE: INXS has also asked Marty to perform his original song. Which is good and bad. Good because it was a total modern-rock radio song. Bad because I think INXS will use the fact that the style of the song doesn't fit with their band to boot him off instead of JD this week.

YAY: He can perform like a motherfucker. And he's lovely.
BOO: Musical theatre. Does anything else need to be said about that?
NOTE: INXS didn't ask Mig to play his original song this week. Poor Mig. If you needed to know, again, that the band thought your song sucked it, there you go.

YAY: Strong voice that sounds great when singing the INXS back catalogue
BOO: Because she's a woman, she must be an emotional mess
NOTE: I can't remember what song they asked Suzie to sing. Whoops? I put it down to the rage that accompanied their comments about her emotional reaction to the questions they asked her. Dude, people get nervous in an interview. Would you rather recieve pat, fake answers, or see someone expressing what they really feel?

INXS, the band? Yeah, they pretty much stink. I do, however, appreciate that they're pretending to not know who they're going to pick, and are doing much to contribute to the tension in the house. Also, I love that they're keeping up the rock-stars-must-wear-sunglasses-indoors uniform alive.

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