Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Post Where I Admit JD Put On a Good Show

I hate to say it, but last night JD was the only contestant who came at all close to being the kind of frontperson who could lead the kind of band that INXS is under the impression that is still is. He sounded pretty good, and, dammit, if he was the only one who actually sounded like he was performing at a rockshow instead of singing a song for show and tell with his in-between song banter. But, dude, what the hell was up with the prop cash at the end of "Money"?

Suzie proved, again, that she's not a rock singer. A weak pop-blues singer, yes. Rock? Not so much. I also had to laugh about how she went on and on about being a woman not being an issue, and yet wore a distinctly masculine pant and suit vest when performing.

I figured Marty out last night. Marty can come alive onstage - but only when he's singing his own songs. He looks like a freaking robot, going through the motions, when he sings songs that other people have written. Plus, his vocal range seems to lessen with every performance. This does not bode well for his chances with INXS, but, I think, he'll be voted most likely to turn this show into a viable carreer when all is said and done.

Mig, Mig, what the hell? I think this week was your weakest performance(s) since the show began. Instead of looking like a singer fronting a band, you came across like a actor playing the part of a singer. I thought we had gotten past all this musical theatre crap.

Dear Dave Navarro: you are a very talented guitar player. I like that you don't get guitar-face when you play. I hate that you're a fucking showboat. Tell me, when are you going to announce that you have a solo CD coming out? The show only has another week in it's run, mister.

Memo to Brooke Burke: I think your stylists are having an awesome time with the fact that you seem to believe them when they tell you that you look hot AND professional in those outfits, and not at all like a groupie willing to sex it up with freaking roadies.

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