Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Rockstar: Product Placement

Nothing says ROCKSTAR more then a black Honda Civic with a tan leather interior. No sir, no way.

Having the kids sit down with Andrew Farriss to write a song was a stroke of brilliance. And here's the game that they all seem to be playing: Marty attempts to show that he isn't a control freak. JD attempts to show that he's pliable. Mig doesn't seem to know that there's a game to be played.

The results? Marty and Andrew compose what seems to be a fine radio song. For "alternative" radio. Which is something that I think INXS is afraid of and not interested in persuing. JD comes to the session unprepared and, in my estimation, though he was trying to cover it up, pisses off Andrew. He lets Andrew take the lead, and they come up with something that sounds like an INXS single. Mig? Mig gives Andrew lyrics about puppy dogs and rainbows. You can see Andrew mentally sighing as he urges Mig to present something a little more pain-filled and dark.

The boys get to choose their own songs for tonight's preformance. JD chooses You Can't Always Get What You Want. Marty chooses something that I can't remember. Mig, the stupid, lovely man, chooses Bohemian Rhapsody. Oy.

High point of last night's episode: JD's confessional where it was quite clear that he was fucked out of his head. Awesome!

I can't wait for tonight's trainwreck.

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