Sunday, July 16, 2006

Long Time. No Excuse.

Well, except that there've been things going on in the past week that've made my pretty little head spin...not limited to Kate & Rose pulling up stakes and getting my place ready for the bathroom renovation that's starting NEXT WEEK.

Holy crap.

And since you all know my fondness for change, all I've been able to do in reaction is think and think and think and start to plan and lay out a new routine. Oh, routine, how you make me feel safe and warm with your snuggly soft arms wrapped around my shoulders.

Anyway, back to the excellent inane: I am delighted by the following:

  • The Office webisodes. New webisodes posted every Thursday!
  • NBC picking up the first two episodes of Project Runway Season Three, and airing them tomorrow and next Monday. I can only hope that ratings will be crazy insane and they'll pick up the whole season, because who knows when The Life Network will be airing them up here. Not me, who emailed the network a week and a half ago and am still waiting to hear back from them.
  • Well, NBC as a whole, I guess. They've been incredibly pro-active about making use of the web as a tool, and I love them for it. From The Book of Daniel to posting scenes from SNL (hello, Chronicles of Narnia and the Natalie Portman hardcore rap, though the interface makes you work for it - click on Web Favourites on the bottom right of the page) that kids were watching on You Tube, to this stuff up above? Brilliant. Other networks have a lot to learn.
That is all.

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