Tuesday, July 04, 2006

How I Know I'm An Adult

Don't get me wrong, my inner 12-year-old boy is still alive and well and kicking up a storm, but he lives deeper inside my head, and shares space with the 32-year-old woman. And a monkey of indeterminate age and sex.

Anyway, I reckon I'm an adult for the following reason: not only do I care about small kitchen appliances, I'm making an effort to replace parental hand-me-downs and less-expensive first apartment gifts with impressive, pretty and HOLY CRAP POWERFUL well known name brand doohickeys.

Today, joining my food processor and ice cream maker in my kitchen starting line-up, is this lovely hand mixing fellow, the Kitchenaid Artisan Series Hand Mixer. Look how sleek and sophisticated he is, with his black tuxedo-like outfit. I think he'll fit right in.

Scouting continues for a new stick blender and coffee grinder. Updates to follow in the coming months.


roro said...

Oh my god. Mr. Kitchen Aid IS hot! You be careful to unplug him before licking his beaters now . . .

Melissa said...

Hehheh, you said "beater".

But he is a saucy little number, isn't he? I'd like to draw your attention to those crazy-ass beaters and their lovely safety feature: no middle post! Good because I reckon I'll be less likely to catch my finger or tongue in there (I was a stupid, stupid child, let me tell you), but bad because less posts = less surface for deliciousness to stick to.