Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rock Star: Supernova, You Did Not Disappoint!

Ladies who want to be Janis Joplin, men who just want to be. Excellent. Especially when you realize that a number of the songs sung by Rock Star contestants were tackled by Canadian Idol contestants just last week, where the rock? It does not make itself at home.

Here is my prediction for tonight's show:

Bottom three performers

  • Magni - horrible stage presence. Had a passable singing voice until he started to verge on Icelandic Black Metal shouting. Then he'd remember that he's auditioning for a rock band and would sing a little, and then forget and start shouting for the devil - not at the devil, mind you, which would have been rock, but for and about. I started to wonder when the druids and horned effigies would appear onstage.
  • Zayra - modelesque in stature, stinky with the singing voice. Off-key for most of her song, and lacked any power behind her vocals. Also, I fear she is just too edgy for the Rock Star watching and voting demographic.
  • Chris - oh, man. Worst performance of the night. Possibly because it was so sincere. If anyone wanted to out themselves as a super-limited vocalist, that was the performance to do it with. So maybe he succeeded?

Who will be sent home

  • Zayra. She's too alt-rock for a hard rock band. And Gilby already expressed in the first episode (which I think was only on the web in the US) that he doesn't get her.

I will confess to watching 2.5 hours of Rock Star TV last night, and DVRing the models for viewing today. What has happened to me?

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