Saturday, July 01, 2006

It Was Like That Banana Peel Sight-Gag

But without the tripping. And without the funny. So it was absolutely nothing like that banana peel sight-gag, but it was most definitely the first thing that popped into my head when it happened.

This morning, on the final leg of my bike ride, I was peddling home down a four lane street in the dedicated bicycle lane. A beat-up white jalopy, sunroof open to the lurvley day, sped by me. A split second later, a banana peel, emerging from the sunroof, came sailing through the sky and landed with a banana-peel-like plop right in the path of my front wheel. So I swerve, think about John Cleese pratfalls, and feel the anger start to bubble. Because, (a) litter! And (b) right in my path!

"Jesus FUCK!" and my middle finger got a ferocious workout.

The fuming, she then began, and the peddling, she then became more furious, as I saw the car come to a stop at a set of traffic lights a kilometer in front of me. With visions of fist shaking and accusations of assholery blooming in my head, I managed to cut the distance between us in half before a green light let the car peel away and leave me in the dust.

So I went home. And ate a banana. And threw my peel in the garbage.

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