Monday, July 24, 2006

Of Course, Things Were Going Too Smoothly

I was talking to my renovation project manager today, and, of course, there are issues with my bathroom. Although the cabinets arrived today, and will be installed tomorrow, they still have to template the top, send that information to the cabinet maker, and have the top cut out. And the cabinet maker is closed for the week. And the top? Could take 5 days. So, no vanity top, and no sink for a while. Gar. Also, the wood that the cabinet maker was supposed to send along to frame my mirror? Didn't arrive with the cabinet. And, again, the cabinet maker? On vacation.

But work continues on here, and, so far, is going very well. I am trying not to start to thing that everything else will fall apart too. But of course I am. And it makes me sleep horribly, it does.

In other news, my car? She is paid off and completely mine now! And my dealership? Just called to see if I was interested in trading it in. Not likely. I reckon I shall drive it for at least a few more years until I really need to buy a new car.

That is all.

The end.

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