Monday, July 10, 2006


This was going to be a post about the new Showtime produced show Brotherhood, airing up in here on The Movie Network. That is, until I attempted to access the official website at Showtime and was presented with this message instead:

Sorry. We at Showtime Online express our apologies; however, these pages are intended for access only from within the United States.

The hell? Showtime is plotting against the world! They are keeping secrets! They must be amassing troops on the border. Bastards. The lot of them.

Seriously, though, why would you block access to a website like that? It's not like Showtime has an MTV-Canada type deal going on where CRTC regulations insist that they not air things like music videos in Canada as it goes against their broadcasting charter. It makes no sense, and, seriously, does nothing but make me think they're a bunch of yahoos without a firm grasp at how information lives and grows and becomes the face of a corporation.

PS: I am trying to love Brotherhood because Ethan Embry is in it. Because Mark from Empire Records? He deserves the love.


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