Saturday, May 27, 2006

I Love the Smell of Diesel Exhaust in the Morning

Since the last time I waxed spoke-etic, the instances of me on my baby bike have been, well, nil. After I picked up my bike from the shop, I headed on over to NYC. And then the weather here, following my return, became all kinds of mid-autumn and rainy like a son of a bitch. Was my furnace still on and kicking in this week? Indeed, it was.

But this morning? This morning, that all changed. The first ride of the season is under my belt, and it was excellent. Well, except for the fact that the first really lovely weekend of the spring also brought out the crazys cruising garage sales. And the big old trucks driving out to construction sites, making me wish for a Michael Jackson mask as they left fumes from their exhaust pipes in their wake. But for all of the complaining, it felt good, really good, to just be out sweating in the wind and the sun.

I love the cycling. And I think it might love me.

And now for something random: MTV Canada is just airing season 2 of Laguna Beach. I nominate Jason as the biggest douche to ever make an appearance on reality TV.

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