Friday, May 12, 2006

The Renovation Diaries: It's a Go!

After finally getting estimates back from all of the companies that I brought in to take a look at my bathroom, I settled on and signed a contract with the one that made me feel the most comfortable. Hot damn!

I'm very excited about the vanity that will be eventually living in there, even if the custom cabinetry is going to be at least 8 weeks before it comes down the line. So much so that I drew a picture in MS Paint for you.

The cabinet will be made of maple, and stained in a brown/black with the excellent stain-name o' Espresso. The pulls will be long and thin and stainless steel. Two drawers, to doored cabinets, and two large open spaces beneath the drawers. The best, though? It will be suspended from the wall. Suspended!

The top will be in a formica (I know, but the marble? Mad pricey. Especially for a place that I don't intend on dying in) called Mineral Spa, a bone with darker bone flecks that make it look like a natural stone.

Check it:

The top will have square edges, and butt up right against the wall without a backsplash, which, I think, will make my stupidly angled wall on the right side of the vanity look lovely. Not to mention how excellent my sink will look on top of it.

I can't wait for July!

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