Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Streets in New York Are Busy and Loud

I am in possession of the gift of stating the obvious. I'm seven floors up in my hotel on 45th St, and I keep being awoken by car horns and people barking like dogs. Oh, those crazy theatre goers!

My hotel is so very pretensious and excellent, I can't even begin to tell you. I am sad that in an effort to "pack light" I left my camera at home.

While foraging for food after check in, I walked down 45th, and came across a massive gathering at Broadway. People from all sides of the street were standing, neck crained, excited, with cameras at the ready, at a flotilla of parked black SUVs and a whole department of police officers surrounding them. Because I am nosey, I accosted someone with a walkie talkie and asked what everyone was waiting for.

"Tom Cruise", he said.
"Fucking Tom Cruise" I muttered, and ran away, very quickly, so that Cruise wouldn't have the opportunity to make me a baby carrying Scientologist fiance.

End Day One summary.

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