Wednesday, May 10, 2006

BlogHerNorth - Can I Get a Hell Yeah?

Previously, on It's a Monkey (and, the notion of a geek-ass (BlogHerCan!) shoot-off BlogHer conference in Toronto was discussed.

Today, the planning process got itself publically kicked off.

Visit Register. Keep up-to-date on the happenings. And then come up to kick it (ha, I said "kick it". I so hip. Ow, my hip hurts) in the fall!


Completely unrelated, I'll be a-dining at Rice Bar, Brock Shepherd's (formerly of Azul) newish place, tomorrow night. Neither I, nor my lovely Brad-type companion, have been there before. I know one of you Toronto and area kids must've in the near past. Personal reviews would be greatly appreciated.

I am now wondering what it is with me and grain-based food named food places this month. Bread Bar, Rice Bar...I feel like I must hunt down an Oatmeal Bar to round out the experience.

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