Sunday, May 07, 2006

Running on Empty

What is it about traveling that is so very exhausting? I was so pleased to be able to sleep in my own bed last night, but it made me realize just how very, very tired I was. And am.

Which brings me to my current dilemma. I purchased the most horribly tacky and hilarious birthday present for Brad: the scrolling LED belt buckle!

I want to preprogram it, but my brain is slamming up against a brick wall. Help?


roro said...

Welcome home! And that belt buckle is SO RAD. How about programming it with "Stephen Harper Eats Babies?" It's a popular slogan this spring, I hear.

Melissa said...

Have I ever told you how delighted I am that I know you Rose? You must remind me to do so!

roro said...

Ditto, my friend, ditto.