Saturday, May 06, 2006

Did New York Eat You Alive?

No, no, but, goddamn, has it kept me busy. And happy. Which, let me tell you, surprises me, as NYC has a tendency to make me feel compressed and hateful with the rushing and too many people in not enough space.

The Good Experience Live conference was amazing. Mark Hurst of Creative Good was one of the best hosts that I have ever encountered, and though a few of the speakers were outside of my area of interest, a number stick out as people that I'd pay to see speak again. Hell, that I'd pay to sit down at a table and have a coffee with. Because I am a librarian, here is a link list of those people:

Add on to that amazing weather that allowed me to stomp about the city every day, excellent restuarants (Pure Food and Wine's take-away joint, Zen Palate, Franchia, and the Bread Bar at Tabla), awesome shopping, and most importantly, and most fun, getting to spend time every evening with the most excellent people ever.


It makes me sad to have to hop on a plane this morning. It really was that excellent of a trip.

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