Monday, May 01, 2006

You Found Out...I've Got a Crush. On. You.

Before we start, a bit of housekeeping: Blogger has improved it's comment-spam-blocking powers, so I've up and changed the comment feature on It's A Monkey. You no longer have to be a registered user to comment, but still have to use the enter-this-random-word verification to post.


Some of you may be wondering why I haven't mentioned Rick Springfield's performance on the Daytime Emmy Awards on Friday. Let me just say that I only recently pulled out of the swoon it put me in. See for yourself, why don't you?

Note: the below links will open up an html page with an imbedded media player, but will not automatically start playing the clip. So press start, already.

Springfield Daytime Emmy Performance - Before the opening credits roll (Windows Media file)
Springfield Daytime Emmy Performance - Post opening credits (Windows Media file)

I must stop talking about it before I fall into swoon again.


My chef crush, Susur Lee, will be battling proven asshat Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America on Food TV Canada this Wednesday, at 9PM EST.

I have no idea when the show is set to air in other areas, as's ICA page seems to not want to reveal that information. Sigh. But seriously, I implore you to watch.

Oh, Susur. I wish for you to cook every morsel of food that I will ever eat for me from now on until the end of time, the end.


And finally, the a killer bunny from the Monty Python Plush Toy line.


roro said...

OMG. Did Susur win? We haven't watched it yet! No, don't tell me. But I MUST know. Give me a hint!

Melissa said...

I had to physically restrain myself from blabbing the results to Kate. And blogging about it 'cause I knew you all hadn't seen it yet! And I WON'T spoil it for you!

roro said...

Goddamn. Well, I guess we'd better watch it tonight then, 'cause I can't TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!