Friday, May 19, 2006

Ohhh, Just Like Mom Used to Make!

Okay, not so much make, more like "cover my pillows with".

Perhaps that calls for an explanation. Or perhaps not, and I will leave you in a state of mystery! But then you will call Mystery Inc, and they'd not only solve it, quick-like and crazily, but the case would also probably end up with a crotchety old man behind bars.

So tell you, I shall.

Last night, Brad and I ate at the Rice Bar (Note: their site seems to be down right now, but it's worked for me in the past). Upon entering the building, I saw some interesting textile art displayed on one of the walls. And my interesting textile art, I mean a series of 70s-style pillowcases strung up on a piece of rope.

Two caught my eye. Why? Because even though one was in green, and the other was in pink, I could tell that they were the missing siblings of the blue and orange sheet sets that my brother and I had when we were kids.

Here - I circled the one of the cases that I'm talking about. Stiped body! Floral boarder! Oh, my.

Thanks to Eye for capturing the wall! Now go and read their review of the place.

And no thanks to people not setting up a sheet set archive site. Because Googling "stripes" "floral" "pillow" "sheet" "70s" doesn't return nothin' but crap.

Also, the food? Very much excellent, my friends. I had the brown basmati with pan fried tofu, asparagus, soy and ginger sauce, and toasted garlic.

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