Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Iron Chef America, Battle: What the Fuck?

Having been unleashed from my chatty shackles of not chatting about the Susur Lee v. Bobby Flay battle on Iron Chef America that aired on FoodTV Canada this weekend, I find myself with little to say. Except, seriously, what the fuck? Okay, and also: Seriously, what the fuck.

The result? Battle: Bacon = A tie.

Ties? They stink. Especially when the judges expressed the following sentiments over and over regarding Lee's work: amazing and interesting. But interesting in a "toooooooo crazy for TV!" kind of way. Lee and Flay tied scores on flavour, and Lee was awarded more points for originalty, but lost out to Flay's standard and boring plating.

Granted, I may be more then a little biased, what with Lee being my chef crush, and my historical belief that Flay is an asshat of monumental proportions, but please. Giving Flay higher plating marks was insane. Look at the plates that were set down on my table on my last visit to Susur, and you tell me who knows plating. Susur knows plating, that's who.

For your reading pleasure, here are a few articles and interviews with Lee surrounding the Iron Chef experience:


my name is kate said...

First .. thank you for your forebearance!

Second .. I agree, WTF?!?!? Ties are lame. Why couldn't chariman mao make the call? I think that should be a new rule ... when there is a tie, the chairman decides.

I loved that Susur hugged his sous chefs.

And, I hate to admit it, but I thought that jalepeno juicing that Flay did was pretty cool.

Melissa said...

Kate, you are dead to me.

Except not. Obviously, I allow my dislike for Flay's on-screen personality partially cloud my judgement, but I feel I have to whisper this: I think it was kind of cool too.

my name is kate said...

Perhaps we can say knowingly, to make ourselves feel better, that *surely* the jalepeno juicing idea was the brilliance of one of the sous chefs and mr flay stole it.

Yes, lets say that. Everyone wins, that way!