Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Stench of Model is in the Air!

Ah, Canada's Next Top Model, though you have yet to air a single episode, I am in love with you. Your America's Next Top Model pedigree, your host, Tricia Helfer, one of my favourite Canadian models, and one of the few model-actress hybrids that does both more then well (ah, Battlestar Galactica!), your co-opting of the very orange Jay Manuel as a guest judge - how can you not be a winner?

Add to that a seemingly excellent online partnership with Yahoo Canada, and all I have to say is that you will make the insanely hot and sticky summer to come enjoyable. Even more so then Rockstar: INXS did last year. And me? I will take joy in mocking recaps after every show. Especially since the competitors? Look even less like models then last season of America's Next Top Model. Daria Werbowy, Jessica Stam, and Linda Evangelista, they most deifinately are not.


You have been warned.

So lets get down to it with a mess of introductory links:

Competitor / Judge blog listings via Yahoo 360 - currently empty:I am holding out hope that my ANTM boyfriend, Nigel Barker, will make an appearance. But I tend to hope that about pretty much every situation.

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