Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Waxing Spoke-etic

This week, I brought my bicycle in for its spring tune-up, because the spring? She has come. And the bike? It longs to be ridden. And my head? It needs to be in a body that is stretching its limits in the out of doors.

Working out, inside only, for the past six months have made me itchy to feel the wind and the sun (through SPF 45 sunscreen, of course) on my skin.

Here is my baby:

Heavy as an anvil, and, indeed, an entry level mountain bike only, but shiny and lets me make it go fast, like the devil was chasing after us with a knife and fork.

Thing is, the fact that she feels like she is filled with concrete is something that I love. Because when I finally get it together and get my sweet ass a real road bike, a real road bike that I can ride against other people, I will fly.

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