Friday, April 28, 2006

The Post Where I Really Out Myself as a Geek

I don't very often talk about work here, because, for some reason, that seems more private then my private life, or the odd things that tend to go on inside my head that I, without warning, unleash into YOUR head on this here blog. In fact, I think I might only really talk about the job when it allows me to head out to excellent and/or horrid places. Because excellence, horror and excellent horror? They're fun to talk about.

I'll be heading off to Manhattan next week to do get in a few days of professional development conference attendance. And I'm excited. Unlike other learn-learn-learn events, this one, Good Experience Live 2006, is a mash-up of experiences if I ever saw one. The first day consists of a field trip, daggumit. I may have clapped my hands together in glee when I found out that I was registered for my first choice - a small attendance seminar with Phil Terry from Creative Good, who is, as they say, "the industry's first and oldest customer experience firm".

Yes, this makes me a geek. For the glee, for ranking Phil's seminar first, and for not being disappointed that it didn't fill up before they handed out my first day field trip assignment, leaving me with, say, my second choice, the Real Cacao Tour & Tasting experience, lead by Sarah Endline of sweetriot. Even though I think the chocolate experience will have better samples.

I can't wait to hear Phil's take on current methods of customer experience design, and how it meshes into all other aspects of development and company-customer interaction. Hi, I = geek. Confidential to Kate: Wikiwikiwiki, BLOG.

Oh, also: shopping, restaurants and friends. But you already knew that.


my name is kate said...

Heh. You used "mash-up". Soon you'll have used Web 2.0 and "long tail" in a serious way. And then your crossing to the dark side will be complete, young Jedi!

Melissa said...

I know. I should give up right now instead of pretending to fight the good fight.

The evil, she is seductive.