Tuesday, April 11, 2006

When Categories of Geekdom Collide

Yes, I have categorized my aspects of geekdom. Because, really, would it be geekdom if I didn't? See also: Master degree in Library and Information Science. The categories. So calming. Who needs to pet a dog when you can put things in tidy little boxes, and then put those boxes in order? And cross reference them all?

But I digress. Last night, while watching 24, my TV geekdom met my fashion geekdom, and I was delighted. Audrey Raines, portrayed by Kim Raver (holy crap, what an excellent name. It makes me want to page Dr Rave Kid, STAT, and wave it in front of her, all taunting like), wore a white version of my Mackage winter coat!

It gave me a completely unneeded feeling of fashion vindication. Because my love for that coat knows no bounds, and I have never doubted its purchase. But still? Vindication! What?

It also might have made me wonder how the hell she dealt with the heat in that thing. Because, seriously, if I find it warm in the dead of winter in Southern Ontario, I can't imagine how deadly hot it would've been to wear it in Los Angeles in the early fall.


Roro said...

That's awesome! Once I'm done with this bit of script, I'm going to watch the episode and take note of Audrey's coat. And then I'm going to blog her can. If you know what I mean.

Melissa said...


Can do. Indeed, you can!

Roro said...

I couldn't tell if the babe who suggested it was kidding. I THINK she was - I ASSUME she was. But to "assume" is to make an "ass" out of "u" and "me" and "Jesus".

Melissa said...

You, young lady, have much more faith in people then I. I was going to say "less of a 12-year-old-boy's mind then I", but I know that not to be the case.

Faith. As evidienced by your mention of the Baby Jesus in your last comment.