Sunday, April 23, 2006

Roche Dehors Avec Votre Robinet Dehors

Who said bands from Quebec couldn't rock the socks off your ass? Why you would wear socks on your ass is immaterial, because, really, the kids in Quebec? They are friends with the Rock, and they like to deliver it to you.This week, I came into possession of the self titled CD from A Plot Against Me. Brooding and intense and sexy and fun - in short, the record that I had wished that Queens of the Stone Age had turned loose as a follow-up to their self titled Man's Ruin release, instead of the disappointing Rated R.

Added bonus? Blindingly neon pink cover art.

Go listen to samples on their MySpace page. And then come back to thank me.

While you're at it, head on over to Jeremie Saindon's bit o' the interweb to view the video for Tricky Woo's "First Blush". And clap with glee to see Adrian playing alongside Andy. And realize that all is right with the world.

PS: Altavista Babel Fish translation = hilarious miscommunication. Can you guess what this post's subject is supposed to be in English?


Roro said...

Yeah, what is that? Rock Out with Your Faucet Out? HOT.

Melissa said...

I know! How delightfully, unintentionally, appropriately rude.

PS: Blogger, you stink, because I see lovely Ro posted this on Sunday, and yet you didn't allow this to appear until I published a new post right this instant. Blogger, you are sometimes a Rat Bastard. With a rat-tail haircut, I bet.