Saturday, April 29, 2006

Oh, Deer!

Okay, so I still have to reinforce the antlers, and finish off the edges and overhang backs, but the deer? She is nearly done. And she is 16" x 16".

With flash, so you can see the shiny finish:

And without, so you can see more detail:


Roro said...

I love the deer. LOVE THE DEER. What's the title? Bambi Does Burlington?

Melissa said...

I love that you love the deer, who may be secretly named Bambi Does Burlington.

Roro said...

Why am I not surprised? Love that dirty deer.

Melissa said...

They didn't name a debatched gathering after it fer nothin'.

Let me know if we need to have a chat about a possible new home for the filthy beast, or if I should unleash it, without warning, on an innocent public.

Anonymous said...

oh i love that i can comment now!

your art inspires me so..

Melissa said...

Oh, you're lovely, you anonymous complimenter, you. Thanks!

cc said...

anonymous = cc
i forgot to put my name. teehee!

but seriously, you make me want to start making my own (non-deer related) art..