Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I love it when the web and TV collide. This week, Veronica Mars was directed to PayPal payment to an informant, and CSI: NY's Det. Stella Bonasera used a generic looking search engine to look for a term an artist boyfriend named a work of art, based on her, used to name the piece. The resulting return,, made her pull a face of horror, disgust and betrayal.

And I know why.

Not because that she (spoiler type) saw herself getting nekkid in bed with the artist, unknowingly videotaped, but because when you load up, a commercial for next week's episode loads up, and she realized that she has to play opposite of scuzzy Kid Rock.

It's enough to turn anyone's stomach, I reckon.

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Anonymous said...

Like it or hate it. No matter what you say, they have really got your attention?