Thursday, October 06, 2005

A Random Post for a Random Day

Sometimes, when the water from my showerhead hits my showercurtain just right, it sounds like applause. Every time I take a shower, I come out at the end, feeling like I accomplished something wonderful.

Dear BCBG coats located in a post down yonder: you and I, I'm sad to inform you, will never be. Because I might have just made use of my clothing budget for winter to purchase a Mackage coat. But it made me think of you all, it did, with it's turned up collar and ability to fit me like it was made for me right off the rack.

Here's a picture of my new love. Except mine is black. And not pimped out with a bargazillion gold chains.

I, quite simply, CANNOT WAIT for winter.

PS: Starting Over started for real today. EXCELLENT. Freakshows! Oh, man. I am a little sad that they're milking the events of September 11, but I can forgive the show for giving me TJ the asshole and Jill the diva shoplifter drama.


Roro said...

Re: Starting Over - your tantalizing post reminded me that I totally missed it!! Why does their new site no longer have recaps? WHY, new site, WHY???

There used to be a babe on the message boards who posted recaps too, a couple of days in advance of the actual show. Clearly, I'll have to track her down.

The new coat - HOT. Come on, winter!!

Melissa said...

You know, if you had a DVR, you wouldn't ever miss an episode. I'm just saying.

PS: I haven't been back to the Starting Over site since the end of last season. I started to drown in emoticons and "that's just not nice!" / "my Dear Husband" posts. I admire your bravery for even thinking about going there.

Roro said...

Yeah, the babes on the message boards DO tend to lean on the emoticon keys. I went over there this morning and found fuck all. Clearly, the DVR is our ONLY option. Thank you for doing your part!

my name is kate said...

Dudes! I called Rogers to exchange the digital box for the PVR box. Apparently the cable centre near us is *closed* tonight because "someone rammed into a power line".

I didn't ask the girl on the phone to go into detail b/c she was une petite stressed!

But tomorrow at 10, all will be well. (I find that a little hard to believe, but, i'm willing to suspend my disbelief).

So, (potentially) tomorrow a PVR will be ours! Wah, ha, ha, ha, ha!!

Melissa said...

Best news ever! Dastardly plans that result in new electronic toys for everyone are my special favourites.

Melissa said...

GAH! Rose, I went to the SO website and I am now contemplating how funny it would be to send them a piece of art to hang in the house.

Please tell me this is a bad idea before I actually do it.

my name is kate said...

Ok, my friends. Saturday, October 8, 2005 .. a day that will live in infamy! We now have a functioning PVR! Wohoo!!! Jon Stewart ... i will never again miss one of your hilarious "Moments of Zen". Kieffer ... I am ready for you and your crazy "24".

I feel that this is the start of a whole new life.

Now, I just have to make sure that Roro doesn't hog all the disc space w/ "Starting Over."

Melissa said...

I feel like I can continue talking to you now. I mean, now that you've joined the Church of DVR.

my name is kate said...

What I want to know is where is the jumping up and down on the counch? Where's the love? And will I now get my own PVRentology Handler?

Melissa said...

I am jumping up and down on my hotel bed RIGHT NOW. Also, I am thinking about all of the TV my DVR is recording while I'm at this crazy conference.

Roro said...

Oh my god. The PVR - is SO BEAUTIFUL. But not as beautiful as a piece of original Melissa art hanging in the SO house!! That would be effing HILARIOUS. You must do it!!

p.s. I'm totally hogging all the disk space on the PVR. Shhhhh!!!

p.p.s. I'm on that cheese and chocolate tasting for you. ON it, I say!

Melissa said...

I love Rose. That is all.

Roro said...

The love, my friend, it is mutual. Clearly Queen Katicus and I will have to fight over who gets to have you as their PVRentology Handler!!