Thursday, October 27, 2005

It Blows on a Nail and the Nail Goes in the Tree

Home Movies ranks amoungst my favourite animated shows ever. Ever, I say! I love the fact that my morning pre-work routine includes a viewing of an episode before jumping in the shower. Somehow, it makes my day start on a crazy, silly, excellent note.


My new favourite thing comes via an email from a lovely co-worker. It has lead me to ask, "Why, of all people, do I not have a Trunk Monkey?"


Confidential to Olives: I can see you clicking on the link that's been posted on the board as the way you guys are getting here via the metric software on my blog. If you're going to continue reading, why don't you at least say hi?


Billy Chuck said...

I am going to buy you a trunk monkey when I win the lottery.

Melissa said...

I do believe that such a present would make me love you forever.