Sunday, October 16, 2005

Scents are Amazing Things

Seriously, they are. There are certain aromas that make me so damn happy, I can't even tell you. I bring this up because I was at my parents' place earlier this evening. They live in a neighbourhood where every house has built with a wood burning, built in fireplace. One of their neighbours was happily at it, burning the most amazing smelling wood. And, with one wiff, all of a sudden it was FALL. And it was awesome.

But everyone loves the smell of a good fire. So I've decided to start a list of scents that I adore that may seem odd.

. Barn
. Toast, just before it starts to burn
. Windex

More to come as I think of them.


sabrinabeans said...

I tend to really like chemical-y smells:
~Magic markers
~Paint in auto body shops
~New carpet (mostly, the glue)

This makes me sound like I huff in my spare time or something.

Also? HOT smells, like an iron, or when the furnace kicks on and the air just smells differently. Or a kitty who's been laying in the sunbeams.

Yup, scents really are amazing, almost as much as the B-Rock.

Melissa said...

Oh, Beans, you're so damn lovely! And also, you are my peanut butter loving twin.

I love the chemical smell of markers. Expecially when it's overlayed with and equally chemically, but FAKE smell of food. Oh, Mr Sketch, you made me happy to go to school when I was a child. You also gave me a perminently multicoloured nose tip, but I love you anyway.