Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Rainy. In the Fall. In Boston.

I don't often write about my job, because, for some reason, I feel that's private. As opposed to all of the weird-ass things I have running about my head that I empty here, day after day, in a manner that probably leads some of you to believe that that girl? Not quite right in the head.

Anyway, I'm in Boston this week for a conference. I'm learning a hell of a lot, and am still managing to have fun. I would like to say, however, as learning point for presenters, just a couple of things:

  • If your presentation entails me, watching you, watching your co-presenter use software, and the presentation isn't actually about that software, you are making a bad, bad presentation.
  • Pockets are for small things. Although you might be able to fit a Zach Morris-esque cell phone into your pockets, it doesn't mean you should.
I went out with my friend Lori last night. She is hilarious and lovely, and I am so glad we had the time to meet up. Also? She gave me monkey socks. And lip glosses that taste and smell like ice cream and coffee. WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE?

Whole Foods sparkling mineral water tastes like ass. How can you mess up mineral water, I ask. It takes a special person to figure that one out.

So far, I have successfully stayed away from the Sephora in town. Two more days. Two more days. Two more days and I will be safely out of range.

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my name is kate said...

I *love* these two speaker tips! We should start a list. Also, for consultants that you bring into your company. I've started a list there :-) But good blog post - how not to be a shitty presenter.