Tuesday, October 25, 2005

DVR Glee

Glee, I said. GLEE. This morning, my cable company final pushed out a download that turns on my unit's second reciever. I can now watch one program while recording another to the DVRs hard drive. I think this will do crazy things to my TV watching productivity rate.

What, like you didn't think I had a TV watching productivity rate? Please. Get real here, people.

Issues that I have with my cable company, however:

  • They provide no notice when things like this will take place. Customer service and communication are not their strong suits.
  • I was watching the news (read: The Daily Show morning rerun) while getting ready for work. The surprise push-download required that the unit turn itself off, and not reactivate until the download was complete. I now feel off-schedule and off-balance, as my pre-leave-the-house routine always involves The Daily Show


Roro said...

I'm so happy for you and your new second receiver!! Congratulations!! If you ARE going to marry it, let me know. I'll send flowers, cheese and chocolate.

Speaking of food, it smells like hot dogs in here and it's grossing us out. To add to your list from an earlier post - Scents that are cool: autumn leaves. Scents that aren't cool: random street meat.

Melissa said...

Street meat is never a good idea, let alone a good smell. Don't condo laws prohibit the grossness?