Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Shout Out to Canadian Jewellery Designers

Affordable Canadian jewellery designers, that is. Hello. I love you.

I bring this up because, in a stroke of genius, Flare Magazine is offering a necklace by Foxy Originals as a gift with subscription. Which made me subscribe, 'cause, goddamn, I really like Foxy necklaces, and I read the magazine anyway? And baby, I gots me a new necklace in the mail today!

Foxy Originals has some really lovely, chunky and large enamel pieces, and some beautful metal-worked pieces as well. Here are a couple of necklaces that I claim as mine.

The pink one in the middle:

And the gold one:

A SoulFlower pendent was my first grown-up looking jewellery purchase. They are truely my favourite source for pendants. Finding examples of their work online, however? Not an easy task. Especially as their site is Flash-based. Which is a much bigger irk-issue that I have with retail websites to be discussed another date. But I digress.

SoulFlower uses materials like silver, wood, shell and tile. Their shell mosaic works make me salivate. Indeed, they do.

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