Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I am Feeling Like the Weather Has Teenage Boy Disease

Becuase it's all Come Here - Go Away, Come Here - Go Away!

Not that I'm really complaining too much today. Or yesterday. Or, I postulate, tomorrow. I love the fact that I can go bare legged during the first week of October. I just hate that I forget to bring the jackets that I wear first thing in the morning home with me after work because the heat? The heat tells me that I need no jacket! And so I tend to forget that I brought one with me. Last week, I got up to a count of three in the back room where we hang up our stuff. Ha, whoops?

I am heading out to Boston on Sunday for a professional conference, which is lovely and exciting. I adore Boston because I have never had anything but fun there. Plus, Boston in the early autumn? Hot damn with the beauty.

For the first time ever, however, my family will be forgoing celebrating Thanksgiving. Not like it's ever been more then a more elaborate Sunday dinner where my mom makes stuffing outside of the turkey so I can eat it (damn vegetarian! I can hear you say), but it's still a little weird. I'm sure my mom and dad would've been pushing for a celebration on the Saturday, but, showing her true, selfish, ignorant family colours, my cousin decided to get married that day.

Right. Married. In the middle of a long weekend. Is there anything more demanding? "Hey, the last long weekend without snow! Let's make all of our relatives stay close to home and make them come to a wedding! And make it not only on a long weekend, but right in the middle so that they can't really do ANYTHING to take advantage of having three days off!"

Thank God that I have so many cousins that we're never invited to these things. But poor mom and dad and aunts and uncles. But also, haha, I don't have to go. Not like I would've, but still. Ha?

Okay then.

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